BulletinHealthcare Website

Every morning, BulletinHealthcare delivers essential news to nearly one million healthcare professionals via carefully customized email briefings.

By 2018, BulletinHealthcare had outgrown its previous website and needed a new strategy to convey its current offerings. As lead designer, I worked closely with the marketing team to modernize the site with updated visuals and an emphasis on simpler, concise messaging.

A major goal of the new site was to simplify the messaging about the core service. The existing messaging was muddy and not easily accessible to visitors who weren't already familiar with the niche industry language (healthcare publication). To further compound this issue, BulletinHealthcare had two distinct yet equally-important audiences that needed to be addressed separately.

We decided the top of the homepage needed to convey the following three points:
1. What does BulletinHealthcare do?
2. A call-to-action (CTA) for our advertising audience
3. A CTA for our association audience

The challenge: How could we simultaneously onboard new visitors of both audiences?

The solution: An animated hero image that first shows the basic 'what we do' message, followed by a fade into the two distinct and clearly labelled CTAs.

The final homepage animation.

In a similar vein, another goal of the new site was to condense and refresh the secondary pages. We needed a foundation to better serve the current offerings as well as support the integration of future offerings. The existing site was bogged down by a text-heavy template with too many pages — it was an overwhelming display of information that only further added to the muddy messaging.

With our new site, we refocused on why visitors go to our site and what kind of information they might look for. Thus our messaging shifted from 'here's a list of all our services' to 'what can we do for you?'.

The challenge: Review the site from the eyes of a potential client, and use that perspective to condense and refresh content.

The solution: Reduced navigation and page clutter, and refocused content on 'what can we do for you?'.

The new site map significantly reduces the number of pages.


Since its unveiling in September 2018, the new site has served as an effective marketing tool to bring about new business. The team is now excited to drive users to the site, and the new aesthetic finally matches (and even informs) the rest of the brand. The refreshed messaging and visuals, combined with new efforts on content marketing, all help to establish BulletinHealthcare as a modern, credible thought leader in the healthcare publication industry.